Openmrs Platform 1.11.0-alpha released

I’m so indescribably glad to announce that; today we have released the grand OpenMRS Platform 1.11.0-alpha and therefore you can now download it from here. In it we have enveloped a large number of bug fixes from the previous releases and lots of new non-ignorable must go with features. Just imagine that for over 26 months all contributions towards the the openmrs platform from our beautiful contributors are in this one release of today. Here are some of such wonderful features besides fixed bugs;

  • New Language translations.
  • New technologies upgrades.
  • Support for new technologies.
  • Several interesting new features and changes for our module developers among others.


Behind all this great package is a wonderful set of good people that have contributed towards this remarkable release in the history of openmrs, here is a list of those we have been able to trace by their work.

Ak, Akash Agrawall, akub Kondrat, Alec Pawling, Alberto Saavedra, andreapat, Andrew Szell, aniketha, anotherdave, Areo, Arkadiusz Kolodziejski, atmohsin, Ben Wolfe, Bhashitha Wijewardhane, blobbered, Burke Mamlin, Carlos Augusto de, Oliveira, chalakanth, channab, Chelsea H. Komlo, citigodev1, Crazzykid, Damian Szafranek, damithakithmal, Daniel Kayiwa, Darius Jazayeri, David Churcher, David Elston, Dedunu Dhananjaya, devcritter,dkithmal, Dominic Lynch, Dominic Surrao, Zhaslan Doschanov, Filip Biedrzycki, Filip Spiridonov, Fouad Zaryouh, Garima Ahuja, Gaurav Paliwal, Gaurav Saini, Geoffrey Wasilwa, geoff-wasilwa, gto11520, guilhermejccavalcanti, Gurpreet Luthra, h3llborn, Hannah Massey, Harsha Kumara, haychris, Isha Tripathi, Jakub Buczyński, Jakub Kondrat, James Arbaugh, Janet Riley, Jasper Vandemalle, Jeffrey Kantor, Jeremy Keiper, Jesus Salazar, Kishore Kumar Yekkanti, Kaweesi Joseph, kohousim, Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk, kushal8, lc-daderemi, Lech Rozanski, Lee Breisacher, Lisha Ruan, Lluis Martinez, Lukas Breitwieser, Lukasz Plotnicki, Nithya Gubbala, madawa-rc, Marek Szukalski, Mark Goodrich, Marv Cool, Marvin Yan, Matthew Ssemakadde, Michael Downey, Michael Pigg, Michael Seaton, Mykola Vorobey, mylesbarros, Nils Eckelt, nribeka, Oliver Wilkie, Ozge Catalbas, Paweł Muchowski, Patrick Turley [pturley], Priya Chandran, Przemyslaw Gierszewski, Pulkit, pushkar, Radek Puzdrowski, Radoslaw Puzdrowski, Rafał Korytkowski, Rob, Robert Day, rohitmukherjee, Rowan Seymour, sachethgupta, Saptarshi Purkayastha, Sara Fatima, sashrika, SharonVarghese, shruthidirepresents revisionpali, ShubhamRai, sitarama, suranga, SusanTan, tadeitto, tonybeing, Tharunya Pati , Ujjwal Arora, vaibhav-hp, Vatsal Singhal, vencik, Vinay Venu, Vinkesh Banka, Wesley Brown, Wolf Schlegel, Wyclif Luyima, Yekkanti Kishore Kumar.

We are so so thankful to you all our wonderful contributors. 🙂


With such a great news as this, let me draw your attention to our release notes page here, We call for all your zeal in looking through this, please test out this release as we move towards the 1.11.0 bigger release and for any bugs and issues to address before the release let us informed by writing to me or KAYIWA DANIEL, otherwise you can create tickets for such up-comings.


Best wishes.


On behalf of the OpenRMS community at large

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