OpenMRS Platform 2.3.0 released!

In recognition of the long awaited OpenMRS Platform 2.3.0 release, special thanks goes to the community contributors who offered their time and commitment tirelessly towards this achievement.

Contributing to this cause has been an exiting and challenging experience for many contributors. To some contributors, there was zero knowledge about development, yet they are now quite experienced in development. Thanks again for the support from the community at large. Contributing does not require an expert but the willingness and positiveness to do so, knowing you are not all alone in the cause of saving lives. A number of things have been accomplished and these include;

1) Upgraded most of the Platform libraries to their latest versions, these upgrades included security patches and new enhanced functionalities for the Platform.
2) New features such as Alternate authentication schemes have been introduced into the platform, thanks to Dimitri’s efforts in this.
3) Bug fixes on the platform
4) Bundling the Add-on Manager with the platform

Please see the Release notes for more information.
As always, if you find any bugs, feel free to report them.

Nathan Ruhanga
The Platform 2.3.0 Release Manager

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