About OpenMRS

What We Do

As a recognized Global Good, OpenMRS serves an essential role in a country’s health information system. Data from OpenMRS is increasingly used to inform the public health decisions needed to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, measure progress towards UNAIDS’ 95-95-95 targets for HIV epidemic control, and achieve universal health coverage. 

Who We Are

OpenMRS is a global community of truly dedicated, talented, and generous contributors who build and maintain the OpenMRS platform and other, foundational OpenMRS technical products. 

OpenMRS is a platform that countries and implementers use to create a customized EMR system in response to actual needs on the ground. 

The OpenMRS community brings together a diverse group of individuals with expertise in healthcare, global health, software development, quality assurance, and implementation. These contributors bring a wide range of skill sets together and work collaboratively to build and maintain a robust, electronic medical record system platform.

OpenMRS implementers and service providers are a vital part of our community. The OpenMRS community maintains community modules, a Reference Application, community infrastructure, tools, and frameworks that simplify OpenMRS customization and deployment. This foundation makes it possible for OpenMRS implementers and service providers to customize and deploy the OpenMRS platform, content, and modules in response to specific country and health facility needs. 

OpenMRS Inc supports the OpenMRS community. Expanding and maintaining the OpenMRS Platform, the OpenMRS Reference Application, community modules, and our community infrastructure requires significant resources. OpenMRS, Inc is a 501(c)(3) whose purpose is to provide fiscal and legal support, infrastructure, and leadership for the community.

Where We Are

OpenMRS in Kaduna Nigeria

OpenMRS used in Kaduna, Nigeria

Since OpenMRS’ launch in 2004, more than 5,500 healthcare facilities in over 40 countries are using the OpenMRS platform to provide improved healthcare to 12.6 million patients. This year, OpenMRS celebrates the incredible achievement of two of four countries where implementations have reached scale: Nigeria (2,000+) and Kenya (750+). See where we are with the OpenMRS Atlas and read more about this year’s incredible journey in our 2019 Annual Report.            

Our Technology

We believe a shared and extensible electronic medical platform can provide a tide to rise all ships by tackling many of the complexities of medical information management common across all sites. Sharing a common platform, the availability of a concept dictionary, and providing a core set of modules – all maintained by the OpenMRS community – gives implementers the freedom to  create innovative solutions atop the platform, shaping solutions to meet users’ specific needs.

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Get Involved

There is more to OpenMRS than coding. Providing a quality core product involves project management, quality assurance, business analysis, and documentation. Our community’s welcoming environment is a result of our collective efforts to engage with each other, recognize contributions, celebrate and share our accomplishments, mentor each other, and advocate for our partners. 

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There are several channels to reach the OpenMRS Community, such as our Talk discussion forum, the OpenMRS Slack channel, or drop us a line if you’re not sure where to turn.