Help Desk Support

Do you want to contribute to OpenMRS’ mission but aren’t very comfortable with coding languages? The Help Desk would be a perfect opportunity to help the implementer’s and potential partners of OpenMRS!

Volunteers in the OpenMRS Community support a help desk (at or via for the community. The goals of this help desk are to support newcomers to the community, help new volunteers find ways to productively contribute to the community, and to help troubleshoot problems that may arise with community infrastructure. This wiki page and its children are intended to help introduce you to the help desk processes and, if you are interested, help guide you to way you could help in supporting the amazing OpenMRS community.


The Help Desk is used to manage all inquiries to OpenMRS and technical support, which is set up to filter and assign the appropriate individuals automatically.

If you’ve got experience or interest in Help Desk support, drop us a line and let us know — we’d love to have you on board our project!