OpenMRS 2020 Virtual Implementer’s Conference

Walking Together to Solve Emerging Health Challenges

30 November – 4 December 2020

Celebrate and explore how we come together as a community to respond to new and existing health challenges faced by people worldwide. Even as the COVID pandemic moves our annual meeting to a virtual format, we’re excited about the opportunities for collaboration that we see ahead of us.

Explore topics and issues that interest you. Have a question that you want to dive into with others? Want to share experiences and learn from others? Our unconferencing format means that you get to propose and vote for the topics that you want to see on our schedule. We’ll have a special session the week prior to the conference for you to propose your topic for attendees to vote on.

Connect with OpenMRS implementers from over 45 countries worldwide. Share your challenges. Learn about new solutions. We’re hopeful that this year’s virtual format will allow more people to participate than ever before. And we’ll find some creative ways to network during virtual tea breaks.

Collaborate. Join up with other OpenMRS developers at our Hackathon and build solutions to implementer’s most pressing issues. Learn about the priorities and pain points that you share with others in the community. Hear about best practices for turning collaboration ideation into action.

See 2020 Virtual Implementers Conference for more information.

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This means that you can pay as little or as much as you wish. If you can’t pay anything right now, that’s fine – you are more than welcome to come to our meeting! If you can pay something, we really appreciate it as it will help us cover our costs (mainly related to conference planning and logistics).

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