Suggest a Feature or Report a Bug

Suggest a New Feature

You may want to check out our Road Map before requesting a new feature — it may already be planned! If you have an idea for something new to add in OpenMRS, consider suggesting and voting for it using your OpenMRS ID. Head over to our Voting and Road Map pages to get started.

If you’ve got anything other ideas for OpenMRS, you can always feel free to drop us a line and let us know!

Found a Bug?

If you use OpenMRS and think you may have found a bug, we’d like to know about it. If possible, consider upgrading to the latest version — the problem you’ve encountered may have been fixed.

Click here to report a bug in OpenMRS.

If possible, please include copies of any error messages you’re seeing, describe what you were trying to do when the problem happened, and the version of OpenMRS you’re using (look at the bottom of any screen in OpenMRS to find out). Please consider including your contact information if you think we may need to get in touch with you.